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We’ve all felt invincible at one point in our life. That moment where you feel like you can do anything. Be anything. Sometimes our mind is there, but our body is not. Our body may be struggling from old movement patterns, injuries, stress, surgeries, etc. The goal is to catch up your body with your mind. And maybe sometimes fine tune the mind, since it’s all connected! Dr. Missy specializes in movement evaluation, self-care education & visceral manipulation, empowering humans to use their bodies efficiently on a daily basis. She uses manual therapy to ensure that muscles, joints and organs are moving properly. Then compliments that treatment with a self-care plan to help empower her patients to continue on this road of invincibility….

Physical Therapy


Whether you’re recovering from an injury, post-op or just looking to perform better at your sport, this includes:

  • Full movement evaluation based on symptoms and goals

  • Treatment

  • Self-care routine

  • Plan of care




The ability for our viscera (abdominal organs) to move is an integral part of a healthy moving body, in addition to our ability to absorb and use the nutrients we feed our body. Visceral movement can be affected by things like stress, inflammatory foods, food intolerances, surgery, pregnancy, poor posture, etc. Poor movement of the organs can present on the musculoskeletal level like low back pain or limited hip flexibility. But it can also present as low energy, poor nutrient absorption, IBS, etc. Visceral manipulation is a gentle technique, improving the movement of the organs and allowing the body to function optimally, creating the ultimate environment for healing.



Visceral Manipulation
Natural Wellness Consult


Learn about certified therapeutic grade essential oils and how they can shift your health by using these natural tools in various aspects of your life.